Calsoft Whitepaper - NextGenNAS File System

This is not a design document for the NextGenNAS file system. The purpose of this document is merely to explain the NextGenNAS file system in an abstract manner. For a more detailed explanation of the NextGenNAS file system, please refer to the design documents of the file system. This document is our attempt to specify the functional, usability, reliability, performance and scalability (FURPS) requirements that a NAS aggregation and capacity extension solution would be expected to provide. It also provides information about the present Alpha version of the NextGenNAS file system available with CalSoft as of now.
This document is not our attempt at due diligence of the storage virtualization market or a discussion of merits/pitfalls of other products. It merely attempts to define what features will be expected from a next generation NAS aggregation solution that will allow flexible re-configuration of existing namespaces, vis-à-vis the features of the existing prototype.

  • Introduction
  • Requirement Specifications
  • Functional Features as applied to NextGenNAS
  • Usability Features as applied to NextGenNAS
  • Reliability Features as applied to NextGenNAS
  • Performance Requirements
  • Scalability Requirements

NextGenNAS File System

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