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With the advent of Mobile 3G services, it has now become possible to use high speed GPRS services to achieve 3rd generation digital services like Video conferencing, on-line streaming of live audio/video & digital content on the go. As this technology penetrates into masses, the adaptability to the technology will become cheaper & affordable for end-user. With this there will be demand for applications that can make life easier & more digital. Today, users of the ever evolving mobile technology has put increasing demand on Original Device Manufacturers (ODM) and Mobile service providers to provide various online services that can cater to their need for Social Networking, Web-feeds, watching online video contents, chatting, emailing, etc.

There is always a need to Store large amount of personal files, mostly media like Photos, Videos, Audio, etc on Mobile devices. Mostly the storage (internal + external) flash memory space is limited; the external memory space is vulnerable more so. There is a requirement that the data stored off the device internal memory be available 24x7, 365 days always backed-up for disaster recovery in case if the handset is replaced, stolen or functionally rendered useless. This problem of data retention as well as unlimited space availability can be addressed by using mSAN, termed as Mobile Storage Area Network

In this paper, issues related to Mobile Storage Area Network are included. This paper deals with the demand of storage of personal files and data retention capability of mSAN.

Mobile Storage Area Network (mSAN)

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