Calsoft Whitepaper - High Availability And Fault Tolerance in the Server World

High availability and fault tolerance are essential in all modern enterprise server deployments. High availability and fault tolerance is a basic requirement to help companies managing high volumes of customer traffic. Redundancy is a traditional method of achieving high availability though, it's actually much beyond than just thinking about redundancy. If redundancy is not applied properly, it may actually decrease system availability. As more and more mission critical applications are hosted, it becomes immensely important to provide highly available services.

This paper illustrates numerous aspects of high availability and helps in understanding the necessary components of a high available and fault tolerance system.

  • What is high availability?
  • Reliability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Lockstep
  • Achieving high availability through redundancy and fault tolerance
  • Elimination of single point of failure
  • Load balancing
  • Fast fault detection
  • Resiliency


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