Calsoft Whitepaper - Application Aware Snapshot Management

Most enterprise organizations rely on various applications to run their business applications. These business-critical applications must be operational round-the-clock to facilitate decision making, e-commerce, customer support, and a myriad of other internal & external processes. Rapid increases in data volume, application, and database demands make it increasingly difficult to provide availability and protection of valuable data. To succeed in an environment with complex enterprise systems compromising of physical and virtual components composed of heterogeneous hardware and software with complex interconnects, application administrators need tools that will empower them to create regular backups with minimal impact, perform quick restores and recoveries.

Calsoft is helping few leading storage array vendors (SAN / NAS) in developing data protection suite of products using Snapshot technology.

Application Aware Snapshot Management (AASM) solution can automate and simplify complex, manual, and time consuming processes associated with backup and recovery. AASM leverages snapshot technologies from storage array products while integrating with application specific backup/recovery tools (for e.g. RMAN for Oracle, BR*Tools for SAP) to enable complete automation of data management. AASM allows enterprises to scale their storage infrastructure, and improve productivity of application and storage administrators.

The purpose of this document is to provide high level overview of Calsoft’s capability to design and develop unified AASM solution to backup, restore and recover application specific data using snapshot technologies on different storage systems.

This document also talks about the business value of the solution based upon NetApp’s SnapManager solution.

  • Introduction
  • NetApp SnapManager Case Study
  • Open Unified Data Protection Framework
  • AASM simplifies Data Management
  • Advantages of Snapshot based Data Protection

Application Aware Snapshot Management

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