At Calsoft, we encourage our teams to dedicate time to research activities. We have worked with some of the leading research laboratories in the USA, and have published technical papers in international conferences hosted by IEEE and NASA. Some of our papers on technology presented at global gatherings and seminars are available here for download.

Proliferation of Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS)

Enterprise storage is now moving towards Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS). CIS plays an instrumental role for management of the data that is cost effective and reduces time so scale and complexity. This whitepaper throws an in-depth light on how CIS is playing crucial role for efficient backups, faster data access, reliable storage, scalability and disaster recovery solutions.

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High Availability And Fault Tolerance in the Server World

This paper illustrates numerous aspects of high availability and helps in understanding the necessary components of a high available and fault tolerance system.

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Storage Performance Testing Guidelines

This paper will illustrate numerous aspects of storage performance and help understand the tricks of the trade for the performance gamut. This will also help understand the performance testing requirements of the storage appliance and translating them into comprehensive test strategy or test plan documents for its successful execution of various user stories to meet the end goals.

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Software Defined Storage-Quality Assurance

The key objective of this paper is to illustrate how to carry out quality assurance for a software defined storage, which comprises not only feature testing, performance testing, system testing & regression testing; but in parallel also to help understand the various testing tools, needs & available options for automation.

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Performance Tuning for Software RAID6 driver in Linux

This white paper talks about multiple performance tuning parameters available for software RAID6 driver in Linux. It helps us understand and optimize these tunables. With improved RAID6 driver architecture in Linux Kernel 3.16.4, it explains how we can achieve similar per data disk performance corresponding to RAID0 driver.

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Cloud Integration – New Vistas of Revenue
This white paper discusses how Calsoft can resolve the technical challenges of integrating storage in the cloud with various approaches, backed by understanding of both cloud requirements and the capabilities of large class of enterprise storage products.

Application Aware Snapshot Management
This document provides a high level overview of Calsoft’s capability to design and develop unified AASM solution to backup, restore and recover application specific data using snapshot technologies on different storage systems.
In this paper, issues related to Mobile Storage Area Network are included.This paper deals with the demand of storage of personal files and data retention capability of mSAN.
File Virtualization with the Direct NFS Protocol
This paper discusses a SANergy-like file system that works on UNIX clients against UNIX servers using NFS, and provides the performance of a SAN, and the manageability of NAS. This paper was published at the NASA/IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems, Maryland.
NextGenNAS File System
This document talks about a CalSoft product, NextGenNAS which provides capacity management and scalability for NFS servers. It is a file virtualization solution for NFS servers on Linux, and allows horizontal scaling of capacity by adding NFS servers inside a single file name tree.
A highly available Network File Server
This paper describes the original design and implementation of the Highly Available Network File Server.
Implicit replication in a Network File Server
This paper discusses the conditions that replication strategies in network file servers need to meet in order to gain widespread acceptance. The paper also describes how these considerations were taken into account in the design of HA-NFS.
A comparison of two approaches to build reliable Distributed File Server
This paper compares the two approaches of providing reliable distributed servers. The first method being server replication and the other is the HA-NFS like approach in which dual ported disks connected to both the server and the backup are used. The paper further also discusses the advantages of the 2 approaches for various scenarios using a variety of parameters.
An analysis of three Transaction Processing Architectures
In this paper, issues involved in using multiprocessors for high performance transactions processing applications are investigated. A comparison is made between the best “Shared Disks” with “Shared Nothing” and “Shared Everything” architectures.
Parallel NFSs
Parallel NFS is a modification to NFSv4 with distributed and parallel storage. This paper discusses the Calsoft’s implementation of parallel NFS.