SDC 2011 Paper Presentation

Open Unified Data Protection and Business Continuity

– Dr. Anupam Bhide, CEO/Founder, Calsoft

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A unified model for Data Protection and Business Continuity in complex enterprise systems  Today’s data center administrators are faced with challenges of managing and protecting complex enterprise systems comprising of physical and virtual components composed of heterogeneous hardware and software with complex interconnects. A typical enterprise system consists of –
  • Applications –  SAP, Exchange, Share Point more
  • Middleware – Databases,  Web Servers,   Operating Systems – Windows, Linux, UNIX & Hypervisors
  • Servers –  Servers (Physical), Blades, Servers (Virtualized)
  • Network – Switches Physical & Virtual, Routers, Firewalls
  • Storage –  SAN, NAS, DAS, Cloud

All components in the enterprise system uses  persistent storage in the form of DAS, NAS or SAN.   The unified model presented and implemented by Calsoft explores a open independent framework for data protection using storage level snapshots. The framework uses SMI-S to interact with various enterprise system components and ensures a consistent state to perform data protection and disaster recovery.

Learning Objectives
  • Efficient Storage Provisioning and Storage Management
  • Protect Data from Corruptions and Attacks
  • Integration between Applications, Middle tier, OS /Hypervisors, Physical (Server) Layer and Storage
  • SNIA – SMI-S and a move to build an open standards for providing data protection at all levels.
  • To address the challenges faced in data protection of complex enterprise systems today