Technical Papers

Calsoft has been presenting and exhibiting at major industry events across the globe. We bring to you our exclusive technical papers from events that our experts have presented.


OpenStack Summit 2013, Hong Kong
Calsoft presented following paper at OpenStack Summit, Hong Kong, 2013 –
Object Striping in Swift – In the current implementation of Swift, the entire object is stored mostly as a single file on object server. The whole idea is to stripe the object, write stripes in parallel across the available and possible object servers, and read it in parallel from multiple object servers. Click here for more information.
  • Maximum available and possible object servers in object reads and writes
  • Increase in Swift throughput
  • Load sharing across multiple object servers can be achieved
  • Update operation support on objects can be added using vectored I/O


Author / Presenter: Shriram Pore, Sr. Solution Architect

Co-Presenters: Bipin Kunal, Kashish Bhatia

SNIA SDC 2015, Bangalore
Calsoft presented following paper at SNIA SDC, Bangalore 2015 –
Federated Cloud File System Framework – Hybrid Clouds makes use of multiple cloud storages for various reasons ranging from performance to security. Some of the major challenge is to, manage distributed cloud storage data, view them in consolidated and drive automatic placement of data onto various cloud storages, in a seamless manner. We present the architecture of the framework which is in line with the concepts proposed in the FedFS (Federated File System Framework), where servers of different protocols can form and serve a common namespace.
Overall the system offers a distributed and federated cloud storage, with benefits like uniform namespace and multi-protocol  access to the data, which could be a key for distributed  applications and deployments. This would make the adoption of hybrid cloud seamless and easy.
Author / Presenter: Ujjwal Lanjewar , Principal Architect, Calsoft Inc.


SNIA SDC 2015, Bangalore 
Calsoft presented following paper at SNIA SDC, Bangalore 2015 –
Cloud Simulator for Scalability Testing -With the advent of Cloud, the same amount of infrastructure is holding more nodes and users. Plus, the cloud itself is getting bigger and bigger, meaning very high densities. This rapidly changing infrstucture landscape brings up new challenges for component vendors & that is the Scalability of their products for the cloud environment. Mix it with the need to verify & certify the products with such a deployment and we are talking about huge investment, setup, operational costs & engineering resources .Plus, the overhead for IT teams to manage the chunk of HW infrastructure.
Overall the system offers a cost-effective, simple yet extremely powerful framework to build the complex Scalabale Tests. The system can be used to test various components of cloud like Storage, Network, Web UI, etc.

Author / Presenter: Nitin Singhvi, QA Manager, Calsoft Inc.



Information Infrastructure Conference, Bangalore, IN

Calsoft presented following paper at Information Infrastructure Conference 2013 (IIC), Bangalore, IN, 2013 

SDDC- Insights-Use Cases-Demo(Neutron and Cinder Plug-in)
  • Market Trends of Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)
  • Advantages/Challenges in Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • SDN Top Start-Ups
  • SDN Start-Ups Worth Watching in 2013
  • Worldwide enterprise SDN forecast
  • SDDC – Calsoft’s Expertise
  • Use Cases
  • Demo (Quantum and Cinder Plug-in) 

Presenter: Vinay Manglani, Senior Director, Engineering, Calsoft Inc.

SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA
tempCalsoft presented following paper at SNIA Storage Developer Conference (SDC), Santa Clara, CA, USA, 2013 –
Virtual Machine Archival System – Popular server virtualization vendors have enabled integration with backup and recovery solutions, but not with virtual machine archival systems. We propose an archival system with following functionality –
  • Decision on which type of storage should be used as destination
  • Cataloging whereabouts of VMs data
  • Provides discovery interface
  • VM archival policies
  • Discovery interface
Presenter: Parag Kulkarni, VP Engineering Author: Tejas Sumant, Solutions Architect
Cloud Connect, Mumbai

Cloud Connect_2Calsoft presented following paper at Cloud Connect, Mumbai, India, June 12-13, 2013 –

Cloud File System and Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) – The cloud file system presented and implemented by Calsoft integrates with many cloud storage providers using Cloud Data Management Interface(CDMI). This helps enterprises store file based data to cloud storage and provides throughput similar to local NAS by using efficient caching techniques.

Presenter: Parag Kulkarni, VP Engineering Author: Imran Khan, Solutions Architect


SDC 2012 Paper Presentation SDC 2011 Paper Presentation