Test Automation Success Story

The Benefits – Panasas 
Panasas is the leader in high-performance scale-out NAS storage solutions. Panasas enables enterprise customers to rapidly solve complex computing problems, speed innovation and bring new products to market faster.
The Challenge 
Calsoft’s performed an independent & a strategic evaluation of the Panasas box by building automated tests and doing manual QA. The scope of work was exhaustive, and involved “Out of Box Experience” along with external interface testing having multi-node file system tests.
The Solution 
The engagement so far has done file systems testing, with complete NFS & CIFS verification in conjunction with Panasas proprietary file system protocol, involving Data path, Metadata path, Control Path, Stress testing, authorization and authentication. The client file systems protocols interoperability testing, handled interoperability with various real world applications.

Along with this, Calsoft’s ODC team is also conducting User Interface testing (GUI & CLI testing, Help verification), Integration testing and sustainability testing (Cluster aging).

The Benefits  
The Calsoft-Panasas relationship is an ongoing one. A salient point with this relationship has been the quick ramp-up of the team with respect to learning intricacies of the Panasas product and then conducting an SIV assessment. This ODC has grown in strength and has been instrumental in helping Panasas launch their product year after year. It’s an ideal example of knowledge ramp-up as well as team size ramp-up.