Success Story Product Engineering Unitrends

The Customer – Unitrends

Unitrends offers data protection appliances that provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry in terms of protecting and restoring critical data and systems.

The Challenge 
They were looking for an ideal partner who could augment their product development efforts at all stages of the product life-cycle.
The Solutions 
Calsoft setup an Offshore Development Center for Unitrends and was involved in all aspects of development and testing of their products. Within other projects, Calsoft also redesigned & developed the product GUI. This was a very complex GUI requiring a thorough understanding of the underlying systems logic and awareness of the way that backups were taken. The screens were designed using MFC. For this product following major upgrades done by Calsoft:
  • Enhanced the Unitrends backup engine
  • Added NTFS features – Wrote snapshot driver for Windows 2000 and above
  • Volume level snapshots compliant to VSS on Win 2K3.
  • Volume level snapshots for Windows 2K and XP without VSS
  • Designed a solution for implementing consistency points for Windows 2K.Virtual volume driver to access locked files on Windows 2000
  • Integrated the Snapshot driver into the clients existing backup and restore solution. This integrated product has been released to beta customers.
  • Developed the ExchangeActive Directory and System State backup clients
  • The clients guaranteed point in time consistent backups of the respective databases
  • GUI programming for the Unitrends backup product
The Benefits 
  • A strong long term partnership with Calsoft helped Unitrends to increase features in their product
  • Released a much more advanced version of the product compared to what was expected
  • Significantly reduced time to market with improved product quality which directly impacted their annual revenue growth