Success Story GUI Development

The Customer –  3Leaf Systems

3Leaf Systems is a pioneer in innovative ASIC and software technologies that enable the Dynamic Data Center. With 3Leaf Systems technology, customers can morph previously separate industry-standard CPU, I/O and memory into one large contiguous whole.

The Challenges
3Leaf aims at making the Enterprise Data Center easier to manage by providing virtual compute (processor, memory, I/O) resources. The 3Leaf Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) is a collection of Virtual Servers (VS), Application Servers (AS), and Virtual I/O Servers (VIO) connected together with a high-speed interconnect fabric. They were looking for an ideal partner who can work with their engineering team to develop the interfaces for management, monitoring, control and troubleshooting.
The Solutions
Calsoft helped its customer by providing three interfaces: An Application Programming Interface (API) to provide access to the management features for program based external management and monitoring, a web-based Graphic User Interface (GUI) and a Command-Line Interface (CLI) for human control and troubleshooting. We started our engagement with a JAVA based User Interface project. Constituting the 60% of their software development workforce we implemented the architecture of a web based Graphical User Interface for the management console. The Management Console GUI has features to configure an IOS and its components. Some of these IOS components may be configured using the GUI:
  • OS (authentication, timezone, etc.)
  • NIC (DHCP, bonds, bridges, VLANs, QOS, etc.)
  • HCA (Mellanox IB, subnet manager)
  • HBA (Q-Logic Fibre Channel, SAN)
  • IPMI (address, authentication, etc.)
Calsoft’s another major contribution to its client’s software development portfolio was I/O porting of its core virtualization engine. We ported this on both, Window as well as Linux platform. We handled all the ESX integration with VMware ESX server.
Showing faith in our in depth QA expertise 3 leaf asked us to perform testing on their products as well. We have participated on all the releases of 3leaf products; some were directly released by Calsoft. We released all the ESX integration with VMware ESX server for 3Leaf We have participated on all the releases of 3leaf; some were directly released by Calsoft Leveraging our
Calsoft started the engagement by providing its best resources. Our highly qualified and skilled resources met the customer’s requirements and helped them not only in solving their challenges but adding value to their existing products.
We use Agile-scrum methodology for maintaining a process and completion of the projects in aggressive deadlines.
The Benefits 
  • Single control pane for all IO devices