Success Story Enterprise Application Development

The Customer  

A leading provider of high performance unified network storage systems to enterprise markets, as well as data intensive markets, such as electronic discovery, entertainment, federal government, higher education, internet services, oil and gas and life sciences

The Challenge 

Our customers earlier management communication framework was between the management clients (a Java based WEB GUI) and the managed server (Customer’s NAS server) and was completely based upon RPC (Remote Procedure Calls).  Their major challenge was that there were heterogeneous systems trying to communicate using RPCs which resulted in a major performance bottleneck. Along with this, they were also searching for a partner who can help them in managing their NAS servers.

The Solution 

Calsoft resolved their primary concerns by successfully implementing SOAP (XML over HTTP) based communication framework. This framework also exposed the management API of the NAS server as a web service (using WSDL) allowing 3rd party’s access to the complete NAS server management library. 

The project involved 4 primary components for the development of the SOAP framework. The server side development included replacing the existing RPC layer with a SOAP layer to interface with lower level management APIs. The client side development comprised of adding a new SOAP interface layer which consumed the exposed management APIs. A JUnit based automated task framework was also developed to test each of the exposed SOAP APIs.

The Benefits 

Calsoft demonstrated a better overall performance over the existing RPC based framework for a variety of use case scenarios. The SOAP communication framework has already been deployed in the latest products.