Porting of Linux distributions and kernel versions for NAS box

The Customer –  Our customer is a pioneering leader in developing highly scalablehigh performance, and agile storage networks and storage solutions that eliminate scalability bottlenecks in capacity and performance.

The Challenges – Changing trends and technology is a business challenge for most of the product based companies. Even our customer was facing this challenge. Since their products were not optimized to the latest, in-demand technological platforms, they were losing market share. They were looking for an ideal partner who could work with their engineering team to optimize their products on latest platforms.

The Solutions – Our customer’s end customer used to send them request for porting of kernel module to new combination of platform(s) (Linux, Distro and Architecture) and kernel on their products. To start with, our customer used to send these requests to us for technical assistance. However, looking at the continuous, effective and efficient support with extremely high technical expertise, our customer asked us to support their end customers directly.

We have also added build support to new platform and reviewed code changes. Handling of new custom-portrequests are a pretty straightforward process. We look at all new incoming custom-port requests and accept them to the NewPortsWorkQueue, if they are complete and acceptable. There are some exceptions that need communication with the customer for more information. We propose to provide a written process that CalSoft’s Custom Port Team can follow to handle most new custom-port requests. They would notify us of any exceptions and we will handle them directly, if need be.

Technology Used –
 Operating System  Linux
 Programming Language  C
 Project Tools  Perforce, Cons, Bugzilla, Testzilla
 The Benefits 

1. Competitive advantage: Our customer stay ahead of competitors

2. Increased Project Flexibility

3.Significant improvement in customer’s revenue

4.We enabled our customer to reach out to a larger audience