Development of an Unified SnapShot Solution

The Customer 

Our customer (a Fortune 500 company) is a leader in services oriented storage software solutions. They develop and distribute complete storage solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

The Challenges 

Typical challenges faced in storage management are:

Efficient Storage Provisioning and Storage Management – Simplified and unified storage provisioning to support applications and change management (grow/shrink) without application down-times.
Protect Data from corruptions and attacks.
Integration between Application and Storage – Achieve end-to-end seamless integration between application and storage and build integration between SnapShot and multiple enterprise apps.
 The Solution 

Calsoft helped them by developing a SnapShot. This is an OS Independent / Unified Snapshot Solution. This provides a unified Snapshoting mechanism for SAN / NAS arrays and has consistent snapshot interface across different OS. This supports both Volume and File Snapshots’ and provides a Generic API.Snapshot solution provides – Snapshot Management, Provisioning and Multi-Application integration capability. In Snapshot management it maps LUNs / Snapshots to Host and Off-Host and performs Snapshot replication. In provisioning it performs management of back-end storage such as:

  • Backend storage Aggregation / Creation / Deletion / Growth
  • Building Logical Objects (Volumes, LUNs)
  • RAID configuration
Calsoft’s other major contribution are
  • Extending the support for other applications such as: Oracle Database with RAC support, SAP, VMware, Hyper-V, etc.
  • Supporting Windows, UNIX and LINUX OS
We follow stringent IP protection and confidentiality practices and policies. At Calsoft, multiple customer projects run concurrently but we never had a single breach of customer confidentiality in past 15+ years.
The Benefits 

Unified SnapShot Solution enabled storage ISVs to – 

   1. Uniform snapshot management GUI irrespective of applications
  2. Quick application instance provisioning from snapshots