QA Automation

The Customer  

Our customer is a pioneering leader in developing highly scalable, high performance and agile storage networks and storage solutions that eliminate scalability bottlenecks in capacity and performance. 

The Challenges 

To improve efficiency, effectiveness productivity and team augmentation with consistent quality and more Streamlined QA cycle were major concerns for our customer.

The Solutions 

Calsoft has offered various solutions to Automate QA process: We have built a test harness and automated File System Application tests through Testzilla. In brief, the Testzilla Client’s Project has automated the client re-port build, test and vaulting operations. Calsoft has also Automated Double Disk Failure test to verify cleanup of “zombie” objects. It happens when the storage blades crashes, the data residing on them fail to recover. Calsoft created and built a new test suite for large file tests and also enhanced and automated “DirectFlow” Global Mount Testing for “remote realm access”. This is a feature of panfs via which customer can access a different realm from the one that have globally mounted. A list of test cases has been incorporated in a new test suite.

As far as process and methodologies are concerned we align/fine-tune our development methodologies with those of our customers. We have devised a hybrid approach to Product development. At concept, requirements gathering and sometimes high level architecture stage, we follow traditional waterfall method while once a project enters execution stage, we switch to “Agile-Scrum” methodology for prototyping, developing, testing and release.

Technology Used 
Scripting  Language –   Tcl/Tk, Perl, Python
Project Tools –   Bugzilla, Testzilla, Perforce


 The Benefits 
  1.  50% Reduction in Performance Regression Test Execution Timelines
  2.  Improve efficiency and turn-around time
  3.  Increase productivity by 40%
  4.  Reduced team stress by streamlining QA processes
  5.  Reduce costs by 10%
  6.  Improve test coverage area