Networking Abstraction Layer

The Customer – Lustre

Lustre is a cluster file system initiative supported by the US Department of Defense & the US national defense labs to manage the peta-bytes of data they generate.

The Challenge 

Lustre runs over many different networks and the cluster file system has a specific network access API, that needs to be implemented on each network type. Key issue was performance in terms of throughput and low CPU utilization.

The Solution 

Calsoft designed and implemented a network abstraction layer for Lustre: a cluster file system over Alacritech’s TOE card.

Technology  Distributed File Systems
Operating System FreeBSD, Linux
Debugging Tools Gdb, DDD
Skills  FreeBSD, Linux Kernel internals
Languages C

The entire life-cycle included Analysis, Scoping, Designing, Building, and Testing

The Benefits 

Through its in depth technical expertise Calsoft was able to rapidly complete the project within a short span of time. Apart from the benefits of improved performance, better throughput and increased CPU utilization, we also helped our customer in reducing the product’s time to market which directly impacted their annual revenue.