Cloud Storage Platform

The Customer 

  Our customer is a US based, software solution provider that has created the industry’s first deployable, white label cloud storage platform, enabling service providers to quickly and efficiently enter the cloud storage market and enterprises to deploy a secure private storage cloud behind their firewall.

The Challenges 

Our customer had a severe system performance bottleneck issue in its products, (1) Cloud Storage Platform (CSP) & (2) Associated Access Clients (AAC). They were also facing the challenges of high band width usage and increased response time for the products. Apart from these their products were not following the window compliance protocol. Hence their products were not giving optimal performance on window based client.

The Solutions 

 Calsoft helped its customer with product conceptualization to formulate detailed requirements followed by design and development.  To cater the pressing need of better responsiveness and performance improvement, Calsoft implemented an LRU algorithm for local file caching. This was done per user basis with caching limit of 5GB. We also modified / tweaked their source code in certain ways. Optimization was also done in other places of code as well.  We also provided file versioning and data consistency features to this product as well.  Taking a step further we made our customer’s products compliant to window protocol.

We ran the entire suite of IFS tests using the vTfzc switch, gathered results and checked if failures are relevant from their File System’s point of view. We analyzed relevant failures, checked and implemented the possible fixes.   We also implemented wild-char pattern matching functionality as well. Calsoft assured that the IOzone (A filesystem benchmark tool) runs successfully on the windows client. Benchmarking done using IOzone was used to measure the effectiveness of the enhancements done for better responsiveness.

We use Agile-scrum methodology for maintaining a process and completion of the projects in aggressive timelines.

The Benefits 
  • Improved I/O rate
  • Reduced bandwidth usage
  • High Response time
  • Improved performance on window based client