VMware Virtual SAN: The Next Opportunity?

Software defined Storage (SDS) is the next logical step in the evolution of not just storage, but also virtualization technology. VMware has made its move by introducing virtual SAN (VSAN), along with VMware vSphere® Flash Read Cache™ and virtual volumes (vVOLS) among others. Storage vendors partner with Calsoft to achieve deeper integration with VMware vSphere infrastructure.

Our offerings include:

Offerings Details
vSphere Storage APIs: VASA, VAAI & VVOLS Development and certification.
VM level monitoring Defining and monitoring storage and networking SLA’s PER VM using Host Based Extensions and SPBM framework.
Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) Building SRA to enable support for Array Based Replication and satisfy the DR needs.
vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPs) Adapter Build 3rd Party adapters for vCOPS to report performance and capacity statistics
vCenter Orchestrator plugin Building 3rd Party plugins to automate resource provisioning workflows
External Provisioning Integration (EPI) agent for vCAC Building EPI agent to work with vCenter Automation Center and automate operations in the cloud
VMware View Integration Building plugins for integrating 3rd Party resource management with VMware VDI ecosystem.

The entire idea of VSAN has been segmented into three sections:

The Virtual data plane: Separate out the data and control layers. Allow both these layers to expand and grow independently while allowing the users to abstract and pool diverse storage resources.

Virtual Data Services: Enable and control virtual machine (VM) centric data services. These data services include data protection, replication, performance SLA management etc.

Policy driven control plane: Common policy based automation and orchestration for the virtual machines.


Invest in building a software stack using your existing software assets and enable all the capabilities and value propositions to your customers as available from VMware VSAN.

Build software that:

  • Is radically simple and can be managed through VMware Web Client
  • Allows policy configuration of storage/networking per VM: Configure Capacity, Performance and Availability of storage/networking resources PER VM.
  • Fully automate storage/network provisioning and SLA management PER VM.
  • Tightly integrates with the ESXi host to allow deeper insight into objects in the vSphere environment

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Being experts in the SNV domain, Calsoft can be your best partner to help you achieve your product goals and add tremendous value to your product portfolio.