Enterprise storage market poised for change in 2016

24 Feb-2016:  It’s hard to imagine a more tumultuous year in the enterprise storage market than 2015, when Dell bought storage giant EMC for $67 billion, and flash, cloud and hyper-convergence threatened all legacy technologies. But plenty of change and disruption is also in the 2016 forecast, according to storage executives and analysts.


Predictions for the enterprise storage market include a further shakeout among vendors, the slow demise of traditional data storage arrays and the ultimate decline of high-performance hard disk drives (HDDs), while the newer options gain greater acceptance.


“With all the [mergers and acquisitions] going on and the slowdown in IT spending, you’re going to see a whole bunch of people asking a lot of questions about whether data storage is dead and a lot of redefinition of what the business of data storage really is,” said Laz Vekiarides, CTO and co-founder of ClearSky Data, a VC-funded startup that aims to help enterprises shift more data to public cloud storage.


Below is a sampling of predictions, spanning general categories in the enterprise storage market.  For more storage prognostication, see predictions for flash and data protection.


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