SDDC / Cloud Expo

SDDC Expo 2015


SDDC Expo 2015 stands to show testament to how firmly SDDC sits within the cloud environment. The EXPO will focus on throwing light on how software-defined data center provides an agile, reliable and secure foundation for cloud, while also delivering the intelligence and control needed to create sustainable business value.


We bring in 17 years of extensive experience in the virtualization, networking and storage domain. Our expertise across the SDDC and SDS building blocks includes:


  • Plugin development for vCenter SRM, vRA, vRO, vCloud Suite and VASA
  • Enablement of Software Defined Networks (SDN) in virtualized environments
  • OVS integration with different hypervisors platform
  • Integration and extension of vCloud director and vShield capabilities for enabling private and public clouds
  • Data protection/high availability for virtualized environments
  • Integrating vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA)
  • Development/porting/optimization/QA of device drivers for virtualization platforms
  • Integration solutions for multi-cloud management and cloud orchestration for OpenStack, CloudStack


Cloud Expo 2015


Cloud Expo will offer an infinite array of technical and general sessions revolving around cloud computing and everything to do with it. Some interesting sessions on Containers, Open Data cloud, Cloud data management, HCI changing cloud computing and Cloud security would definitely catch your interest.


This event will also provide an excellent platform for networking/ exploring mutual synergies as more than 100 exhibitors providing specific and comprehensive solutions and strategies will be present.


With more than 17 years of extensive experience in the cloud computing space, we have enabled ISVs and product companies to quickly develop next generation, leading edge cloud solutions. Click here to know more about our Cloud expertise.


Our senior management would be at the SDDC Expo and Cloud Expo and would love to have a jaunt. Schedule a meeting with us by dropping us an e-mail with your preferred time of meeting at

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