OpenDaylight Summit 2016 : Meet Team Calsoft

OpenDaylight Summit brings together users, developers and the SDN community to discuss, debate and demonstrate the latest technologies and trends in open SDN. OpenDaylight provides an open platform for network programmability, which is designed to enable SDN and create a solid NFV foundation for all sizes of networks.

This year's summit will throw more light with the SDN adoption primarily on:

  • Cloud adoption
  • Openstack ecosystem
  • DevOps and it's extended use
  • OpenStack & OpenDaylight Integration for Service Function Chaining
  • And much more....


 Calsoft’s OpenDaylight Expertise

Our ODL Services include:

  • Application development on top of ODL using the APIs exposed by Controller
  • Feature development of ODL
  • South-bound plugin development in ODL (southbound plugins talk to switches in the language that switches understand. For e.g. OFP, NetConf, etc.)
  • Protocol development
  • Integration of SDN with OpenStack, VMware ecosystem, etc.
  • Integration of DevOps with SDN
  • QA services – Functional, Protocol, Performance, Scalability, etc.
  • Automation expertise – Building new frameworks or use existing ones like OFLOPS, cBench, etc.
  • Analytics & Management UI development
  • Integrate Network services with NSX
  • Integrate SDN solutions with Monitoring tools


Click here to know more about our ODL Services.

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