Meet us at OpenStack Summit 2016

OpenStack is on the way to being a single API to the software-defined datacenter. It is said that in 2016, 30% of companies will deploy OpenStack in production. Naturally, being at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, TX is imperative. Being the most widely attended conference, it is the ideal place to cement your cloud strategy and dive deeper into architecting and operating OpenStack Clouds.

Calsoft is an unmatched leader in this space. We leverage the power of OpenStack to deliver cloud applications with unmatched speed, flexibility and security. We have assisted our customers with development, testing and integration of different APIs in this space. Some of the work we have done in this space are:

  • Developed Cinder Plugins to integrate block storage
  • Integrated NAS with modified OpenStack swift object server
  • Built Neutron (quantum) plugins and agents for network vendors
  • Provided a stackable file system layer to utilize the underlying NAS over NFS client
  • Integrated OpenStack swift over iSCSI (SAN/NAS)
  • Created a framework to enable effective usage of ‘Nova’ compute resources
  • Integrated test with different hypervisors platform
  • OpenStack API Development
  • Assisted customers with Plug-in testing services
  • Provided QA Services for the OpenStack Tempest Network

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Our Solution Architects are attending the event. If you are at the event too, we would love to have a sit-down. Reach out to us at to schedule a meeting.