Meet us at Interop 2016

Interop, one of the largest technology conference in the world this year is exploring the fast-changing infrastructure landscape and present practical insight into how to leverage the modern network, systems, and applications that enable business innovation. What drives us to it is that it is dedicated to the nerve centre of every enterprise and organization – the network and the network infrastructure.

For another year, as the underlying focus is on software defined everything and especially software defined networking (SDN) and NFV, we, here at Calsoft are excited since we bring more than 17+ years of experience in the networking space with our prior work spanning across SDN Controllers, Open vSwitch (OVS), OFLOPS, OFTEST, CBench & OpenStack SDN.

Interop 2016 has also a focus on 10 threads of discussion and we are excited to be bringing the latest technologies to you in:



Meet the team from Calsoft and ask them the questions you always wanted to ask. You can write to us at or click on the below link to schedule a meeting. Our team, lead by our CEO, Anupam Bhide and architects along with technology evangelists would love to have a sit-down with you.

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