Cloud Expo 2015

One of the most popular buzzwords in the business world today is “Cloud” and a lot is said about at every given opportunity. It is no surprise that traditional PC companies are making big investments in cloud computing, given the spectacular shift from traditional data centers to cloud data centers.


Evidently, this idea is catching on and the Cloud Expo will offer an infinite array of technical and general sessions revolving around cloud computing and everything to do with it. Some interesting sessions on Containers, Open Data cloud, Cloud data management, HCI changing cloud computing and Cloud security would definitely catch your interest.


Cloud Expo would also provide an excellent platform for networking/ exploring mutual synergies as more than 100 exhibitors providing specific and comprehensive solutions and strategies will be present.


With more than 17 years of extensive experience in the cloud computing space, we have enabled ISVs and product companies to quickly develop next generation, leading edge cloud solutions. Click here to know more about our Cloud expertise.


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Anupam Bhide – CEO along with a team of Solution Architects are attending the Cloud Expo at Santa Clara. If you are at the event too, we would love to have a sit-down.


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