LinuxCon 2016 : Meet Calsoft

LinuxCon + ContainerCon offers 3 days vast learning and is THE conference to attend for developers, sysadmins, devops professionals, architects and other technologists that want to expand their skills, solve technical issues with the best and the brightest in the community and to learn and collaborate within the Linux, container, cloud computing and open source ecosystems.

With immense technical expertise Calsoft is considered to be a “One stop shop” for all storage, networking and virtualization, kernel level requirements. Our engineering team is equipped with several years of kernel level programming experience.

  • File Systems, File systems filter driver development
  • LIO and SCST iSCSI stack, Volume splitter
  • VAAI additions to Linux SCSI stack (LIO and SCST)
  • Clustered file system development
  • Porting kernel modules to new combination of platform(s) (Linux, Distro and Architecture)
  • NVMe over Ethernet drivers and resolution protocol development
  • Change block tracking development

In addition to this, Calsoft has done extensive work in the containerized ecosystem across Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes etc.

Check out our podcast on Docker Networking 101.

Check out our podcast on scalability testing using Docker.

Click here to view our demo - A framework for Highly Available services using Docker based containers.

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