VMware Orchestrator Plugin

VMware vCenter Orchestrator is a development and process-automation engine. It provides a library of extensible workflows that allows creation and execution of automated, configurable processes to manage VMware, vSphere and other third-party technologies.




VMware Orchestrator has pluggable architecture. It connects to a directory services server to manage user accounts, and to a database to store information from the workflows that it runs.

How can Calsoft assist you?

Calsoft’ VCO plugin solution assists you to orchestrate your customer’s storage and virtualization infrastructure and enables:

  • Effective time saving
  • Diminished manual errors
  • Complex IT workflow
  • Reduced operational cost
VMware orchestrator integration will increase your product’s value proposition by:
  1. IT process automation in cloud (private/public) environment
  2. Indirect integration with vCenter Chargeback Manager – Allows vendor’s customer to set charging policy for hardware/software usage
  3. Indirect integration with vCenter Configuration Manager – Track changes to hardware/software configuration based on policy
Vendors who can benefit from VMware Orchestrator plugin are:
  1. Security software/appliance
  2. Storage hardware
  3. SDN (Software defined-networking)
  4. Resource management
  5. Environment/Performance monitoring
  6. Private and public cloud providers


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