VAAI Test Framework

Calsoft’s VAAI Test Framework

New APIs Added – According to new vSphere 5 standards there are 7 APIs in vStorage Array Integration (4 for Block Storage and 3 for File Storage)

Block Storage File Storage
Hardware accelerated Zeroing NFS – Full Copy
Hardware accelerated Copy NFS – Extended Stats
Hardware accelerated Locking NFS – Space Reservation
Thin Provision Stun


VAAI Test Framework:

Testing a Target:

  • Test any “VAAI Target Implementation”
  • Check for compliance with VAAI specifications
  • Build automated regression test suite using scripting feature
  • Calsoft’s iSCSI test suite allows testing a particular target device (or emulator) for conformance to VAAI command
  • Calsoft’s VAAI test framework allows testing a particular target device on FC path

Testing an Initiator:

  • Storage Emulator is Calsoft’s proprietary product which emulates a SAN target. It is capable of exporting VAAI enabled SCSI target/LUNs
  • Storage Emulator will enable users to verify correctness of initiator as it maintains a history of all the SCSI CDBS that it receives
  • Error Injection on VAAI CDBS will enable testing error path of the initiator
  • Storage Emulator provide tools to look into the file back LUNs and verify correctness of the results of VAAI commands

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