Plugin Development Expertise

Typical Challenges:
  • Multiple existing access points
  • Communication between various heterogeneous components (storage and virtualization)
  • Unavailability of integrated platform for the administrator


Value Proposition:
  • Single access point for storage & virtualization environment
  • Ease of use with a snapshot scheduler capability
  • Provides convenient user interface for the storage devices
  • High visibility and faster application rollout


Calsoft’s Offerings
vCenter Plug-in Upgrade to Flex Based Interface(vCenter 5.1)
vCenter Plug-in 5.0 Development
vCenter Plug-in for centralized customer-ViSX storage management
Calsoft’s Expertise around VMware’s vCenter Plug-in enables you with:
  • vCenter Server Management- Main control node for managing the IT environment
  • vCenter Server Integration- Integrate vCenter Server with third party products and applications
  • vCenter Database Storage- Facilitates long-term data storage for physical and virtual resources
  • vCenter Infrastructure Client Integration– Monitoring of a product deployed in virtual environment using VI
  • vCenter Agent – Facilitates communication between ESX server and vCenter server
  • vCenter Web Access Management- Facilitates virtual machine


vCenter Plug-in Features
  • Provides storage visibility with ESX and VM
  • Automates ESX host configuration
  • Provisions storage within vCenter across all available protocols to increases storage efficiency
  • Supports array based, VM consistent snapshots
  • Integrates with VMware View for provisioning and deploying
  • Responds better to service level agreement (SLA) and quality of service (QoS) issues
  • Employs redundant array of independent disks (raid) protection
  • Ensures availability of sufficient disk space

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