SSD Adoption Challenges

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) have become outdated, as they have reached their peak disk speed. The introduction of Solid State Drives (SSD) has taken a different approach to fill the gap that HDD’s created.

Calsoft offers software solutions around SSD flash arrays that make them more adaptable in various environments (virtual, physical, etc.).



Calsoft’s Capabilities in SSDs
What we can do  Details
Storage Tiering
  • Maintains highly accessed data in expensive and high performance SSD storage
  • Saves fair amount of product cost and can be implemented at host side or at array side
PCIe based SSD storage with caching software
  • PCIe based SSD storage innovatively gives a feel of high performance in slow backend storage scenarios
  • Device driver for that particular PCIe card makes this possible.
Wear leveling support
  • Algorithms enable write operations be spread evenly to improve overall life of SSD array and nullify the wear effect.
Memory like access to flash storage
  • Using DMA operations, SSD storage device driver can make SSD storage look like extension to main memory, making it more convenient to software applications
Software-defined storage
  • Adds value to SSD solutions by way of feature rich software layer on top such as JBOF.
  • Software-defined storage on top of SSD storage enables advanced features like object level RAID, object snapshot and object replication.
Software optimizations
  • Optimization of RAID, file systems, volume managers to suit for SSD storage
Virtual Environments
  • In a clustered hypervisor environment, SSD storage pool is formed out of all SSD storage on all hypervisors
  • This solution makes unused SSD storage on remote hypervisor available for use on hypervisor which needs it more.

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