Flash Based IPs

The majority of storage companies with flash products, such as flash-based arrays or flash cards, are looking to differentiate their products and add new features to stand out from the competition. 
Storage vendors hire Calsoft to provide their customers with more storage per dollar spent on SSD. We also have a Flash Translation Layer (FTL), which was designed from the ground up, to support compression. The FTL can also be used independently by companies that are starting out and want to accelerate their product development.
Calsoft’s Flash Based IPs
 1. Hardware Accelerated Compression for Enterprise Flash
Calsoft’s solution allows you to store and access compressed data to SSDs at up to 8 GB/sec with ultra-low latency. This is possible due to usage of chip technology which contains compression offload engine. 
  • Depending on the data, you can get 3x to 8x compression, creating a price/performance advantage over competition
  • The FPGA can be integrated into a PCIe SSD to add transparent compression with no performance impact
  • It may involve changes to your FTL layer that we can help you with; alternatively we could design FTL from the ground up to support compression and provide a Linux driver 
2. Fully functional Flash Translation Layer (FTL)
  • Encapsulate raw NAND flash devices and provide logical storage representation to the upper layers
  • Flash card manufacturers integrate FTL as the bottom layer in their software stack, saving significant development and testing effort
  • FTL is fully portable C code base and supports multiple operating systems
  • Deployed as both host based solution for PCI flash cards, as well as integrated in embedded hardware
  • FTL supports our compression technology
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