SSD Expertise

Calsoft brings niche expertise to assist Flash/SSD array providers for:


    • Developing vCenter plug-ins for storage appliances
    • Solving data integrity, de-duplication and data compression challenges
    • Enabling VAAI support
    • Integrating storage appliances with Linux LIO and Windows Hyper-V Stack
    • Optimizing Flash “write” performance with firmware development
    • Developing PCIe device driver / PCIe card based flash cacheSSD_expertise


Flash Based IPs Storage vendors hire Calsoft to provide their customers with more storage per dollar spent on SSD. Click here to read more about:

    • Hardware Accelerated Compression for Enterprise Flash
    • Fully functional Flash Translation Layer (FTL)


Calsoft’s Capabilities in SSDs Calsoft can meet your “SSD Adoption Challenges” and offers software solutions around SSD flash arrays that make them more adaptable in virtual, physical and any other environments.


Calsoft’s SSD Performance Test Suite

SSD based arrays do not perform effectively during the steady state, whereas they can initially have high IOPs. A variety of parameters can influence the performance behavior of a SSD:

  • Current and previous workloads
  • Fragmentation
  • Block size
  • Read/write mix
  • Queue depth
  • Additional parameters

Calsoft’s SSD Performance Test Suite helps you to test SSD based arrays compliant with SNIA’s performance test specifications.

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