Software Defined Storage

Software-defined storage transforms existing heterogeneous physical storage into a simple, extensible and open virtual storage platform that preserves the capabilities of underlying physical storage arrays.

Software-defined storage is an approach that enables companies to address the future of storage without having to replace existing infrastructure. It enables new capabilities in enterprise for data movement, management, and service delivery using cloud-based models.

Value Proposition:
Benefit Details
Storage Provisioning
  • SDS management interface can be easily automated making it a matter of minutes to provision right storage for an application.
Higher ROI
  • Without SDS Storage admin typically needs to do storage capacity forecasting for a given year. SDS solution is easily scalable so no need to predict and procure storage required for entire year ahead.
Freedom to select storage vendor
  • Software-defined storage solution works as an abstract umbrella for heterogeneous storage environment.
  • Control plane of SDS allows storage admin choose commodity hardware of own choice.
Storage Performance
  • SDS enables IT and storage admins to provision storage with required QoS in the matter of minutes adding agility to IT deployments.
Central Management
  • SDS enables IT organizations to pool entire storage assets to single pool. Storage can be then provisioned out of this pool as per need and SLA.
  • Single pool of storage assets can be managed centrally.
Calsoft’s Expertise:

We develop entire SDS including all the three layers shown in the diagram below and in addition to that REST API to interact with SDS system.


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