Software Defined Storage

Enterprises today need a storage strategy that is future-proof so that they can embrace transformative technologies that come along without replacing existing infrastructure. Industry reports indicate that the explosive data growth due to IoT, digitalization, social media, mobile etc., takes up 40 to 60 percent of storage required in a year, causing storage requirements to double every 18 months.  Software-Defined Storage (SDS) addresses this issue by dropping hardware from the storage equation. It provides enterprises the flexibility to opt for scale-out, x86 processors with software that delivers storage management and data protection capabilities.

SDS enables enterprises to create massive storage pools that can grow as large as required with little effort from IT, providing unparalleled economic benefits, and paving the way to transform traditional datacenters into “cloud-scale” datacenters. A study from IDC revealed that, on average, organizations using SDS reduced total cost of ownership by 58 percent with a 71 percent decrease in management time and reaped a ROI of 10 percent over five years.

Calsoft has helped multiple ISVs weave SDS capabilities into their products by developing SDS solutions across Data Services, Automated Storage Management, and Scale-Out Architecture layers. Calsoft also helps customers develop the REST API that interacts with the SDS solution.  Our SDS expertise spans across areas illustrated below.


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