File Systems Expertise

Electronic data storage needs continue to grow. As companies produce more information in electronic format, management of storage space is a critical aspect to look. Managing data storage for performance, integrity and scalability are the next challenges in storage industry.

Calsoft’s File Systems Expertise:

Storage vendors in developing advanced, next gen File Systems to cater this growing need for data storage. They leverage Calsoft’s File Systems Expertise to test these File Systems quickly and reduce their time to market.  

File System Testing Tools:

At Calsoft, we have done an extensive work on various File System testing tools and are considered to be the experts when it comes to File System development and testing. We performed Stress Testing and Benchmarking for more than 15 testing tools available in the market in various OS environments such as Linux and Windows and have come up with top five tools to test File System. Based on our research and understanding we feel that the top 5 testing tools could be:-

  1. NFSx is the nfs version of fsx that is used by the LTP to test the linux file system robustness
  2. Connectathon is the official suite of the connectathon to test clients/servers interoperability.
  3. Bonnie++ is test suite, which performs several hard drive/ filesystem tests.
  4. XDD is storage i/o performance characterization tool that runs on most unix-like systems and windows.
  5. DBench is a filesystem benchmark that generates good filesystem load.

Comparison Matrix (Source: bullopensource)

Non Reg capability Performance evaluation Robustness evaluation
Bonnie++ Yes Yes No
DBench Yes Yes Yes
(N)FSx Yes No Yes
Connectathon No No No
NFSv3/v4 support IPv4/IPv6 Interoperability evaluation
Bonnie++ v3/v4 IPv4/IPv6 Yes
DBench v3/v4 IPv4/IPv6 Yes
(N)FSx v3/v4 IPv4/IPv6 Yes
Connectathon v3/v4 IPv4 Yes

Key Advantages:

  • Test throughput while high I/O operations
  • Simulate real time application e.g. mail server
  • Generate log files in text format as well as chart format,
  • Powerful command line interface
  • Easy to script
  • File locking testing

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