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Data Protection in Virtualized Environment 

Today’s data center administrators are faced with challenges of managing and protecting complex enterprise systems comprising of heterogeneous hardware and software with complex interconnects. These days data centers deploy virtual applications on storage arrays. These arrays have advanced features such as replication, snapshot etc.which are very useful to recover virtual applications quickly (in-case of disaster).

However to leverage advanced storage array snapshot features, a solution for virtualized application aware data protection using storage level snapshots is required. Calsoft is assisting ISVs in solving their challenges while building solutions for data protection in virtual infrastructure.

Industry Challenges  
  • Protection for Application Tiers

Application Consistent Backup (RO/PIT) copies for later recovery from it
Support Cloning/Repurposing, Migration, HA-DR use cases

  • Protection for Infrastructure components

OS and Services e.g. AD/DC, File system  – BMR use case
VM, VMGroups (vApps) and Virtual Infrastructure (Enterprise Data centers)

  • Generic Solutions don’t provide end-to-end solution

Generic products deployment are inefficient in virtualized environment
Lack of flexibility in terms of plug-ability into various management framework


 How can Calsoft assist ISVs?

  • Develop snapshot based data protection software for virtualized applicaion for following but not limited to combination
Applications Oracle,Microsoft,Share Point,Microsoft Exchange,Microsoft SQL server,SAP,Sybase
Operating Systems  Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX    
Storage Network  iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FC/FCOE
  • Develop de-duplication solution
  • Develop archival/HSM solution 
  • Develop backup to tape solution 
  • Develop retention policy 


Change Block Tracking:

Traditional backup applications rely on snapshot technologies to take backup. Snapshots are essentially point in time copies of the storage object and make the backups consistent. However, it is a tedious task to take backups of the entire object at every backup cycle. To overcome this challenge we use Incremental or differential snapshots. Click Here to know more about our CBT expertise.

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