Software Defined Networking (SDN) Services

Calsoft has built expertise to support network equipment manufacturers and SDN providers to get their products and solutions into the market faster and meet customers technology demands by bringing in its vast expertise in the networking domain and as well the right skilled resources for every engagement to make it a success.


Calsoft has expertise in various commercially available controllers and open source SDN controllers (OpenDayLight, OpenContrail and others), developing SDN applications. Calsoft expertise at various layers of SDN includes:

Calsoft SDN Expertise NewCalsoft’s SDN Expertise

Applications Layer
  • Application development like Firewall, Routing, Analytics, Monitoring, Admin Tools, etc.
  • Integration with Cloud Management Portals (CMPs) & Orchestrators
  • Development of converters for various protocols
  • Adapter development for integrating legacy switches


Controller Layer
  • Adding/enhancing features
  • South-bound plugin development
  • UI & Manageability services
  • South-bound Plugin protocol testing (e.g. OFTEST)
  • North-bound API scalability & performance testing
  • South-bound plugin scalability testing (e.g. cbench for OFP-based switch communication scalability) (e.g. OFLOPS)


Switch Layer
  • Device Drivers & protocol stack development for HW switches based on NW OS
  • Implementation of soft switches
  • Supporting new features/protocol
  • OVS integration with SDN products
  • Performance enhancement using DPDK & VPP
  • Protocol, Performance & Operations testing for switches
  • Testing soft switches with various hypervisors


Calsoft has deep expertise in Integrating SDN products / solutions with various ecosystems. Our SDN Integration services includes:
  • Integrating Network services with NSX.
  • Integrating SDN solutions with OpenStack via Neutron.
  • Integrating SDN solutions with VMware ecosystem.
  • Integrating SDN solutions with Monitoring tools.

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