OpenDayLight (ODL) Services

OpenDaylight (ODL) is a highly available, modular, extensible, scalable and multi-protocol controller infrastructure built for SDN deployments on modern heterogeneous multi-vendor networks. ODL provides a model-driven service abstraction platform that allows users to write apps that easily work across a wide variety of hardware and south-bound protocols. It’s a complex technology and requires a steep learning curve to get hands on experience.

Calsoft is an early adopter of OpenDaylight (ODL) technology. We help SDN providers and network equipment manufacturers to build scalable products in sync with our long-standing networking expertise. We help them right from SDN product ideation, design, implementation, testing and support.

ODL is working to make interoperable, programmable networks a reality.


Calsoft’s OpenDaylight Expertise

Our ODL Services include:

  • Application development on top of ODL using the APIs exposed by Controller
  • Feature development of ODL
  • South-bound plugin development in ODL (southbound plugins talk to switches in the language that switches understand. For e.g. OFP, NetConf, etc.)
  • Protocol development
  • Integration of SDN with OpenStack, VMware ecosystem, etc.
  • Integration of DevOps with SDN
  • QA services – Functional, Protocol, Performance, Scalability, etc.
  • Automation expertise – Building new frameworks or use existing ones like OFLOPS, cBench, etc.
  • Analytics & Management UI development
  • Integrate Network services with NSX
  • Integrate SDN solutions with Monitoring tools


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