Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Services

Network functions virtualization (NFV) provides the flexibility to move network functions from critical appliances to generic servers. NFV uses standard IT virtualization technology to make the networks more agile and efficient.


Calsoft has deep expertise in various NFV tools and technologies. We help our customers in designing, developing, deploying, testing and supporting products based on NFV technologies. Our NFV consultants use the open-standard APIs, protocols and open-source technologies to its full potential to deliver real-time visibility into networks and allow our customers to program their network on demand.


network function virtualizationCalsoft’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Services

Calsoft has deep expertise in various NFV tools and technologies. We have helped networking ISVs in design, development, deployment, testing and support of various NFV technologies. Calsoft’s NFV services includes:


Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
  • Design, development & deployment of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
    • Based on Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)
    • Including L3 Routing to DHCP, NAT, WAN Optimization, vCPE including IPSec VPN, UPnP, etc.
  • Containerization of VNFs
  • Performance measurement, integration & functional testing across Virtualization & Cloud platforms


Service Chaining
  • Integration of Service Chaining with VMware vCenter & NSX
  • Service Chaining & Group Based Policy (GBP) for OpenStack
  • Service Chaining implementation & customization for SDN controllers like ODL, Contrail


Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) Manager
  • VNF Lifecycle management with various Virtualization & Cloud platforms like vRA/vROPs plugins, Heat.
  • Conversion of SDN/OpenFlow switches to NFV using Calsoft developed IP.


  • Custom orchestrator development
  • Plugin development for various orchestrators like OpenStack Heat, VMware vRA/vROPs.


Management and Orchestration (MANO)
  • Building Management and Orchestration (MANO) platforms compliant with ETSi specification
  • Integration & plugin development for management platforms like ServiceNow.
  • Advance UI development services including RBAC, Analytics, Multi-tenancy


NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) & Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM)
  • Custom plugin development for various open source (OpenStack) and licensed VIMs (VMware ecosystem)


  • Build DevOps installers using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Juju, etc.
  • Build CI/CD pipeline for rapid development, verification & deployment


  • Design & development of NFVI & VNF monitoring
  • Integrate monitoring solutions with NSX & other SDN solutions


SDN Controllers
  • Design & development of SDN controllers
  • Build applications on top of SDN controllers like OpenDayLight
  • Integrate SDN controllers with Cloud Management Platforms
  • SDN controller testing, including Performance Testing using enhanced cBench


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