Docker Services


Docker is revolutionary in the way that it automates the deployment of applications inside software containers, by providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation of operating-system-level virtualization. It acts as a lightweight virtualization platform that helps to have the benefit of OS level virtualization without the overhead of running multiple, parallel OSes.  It lets you drop ready-to-run “containers” into ANY hardware environment that supports Docker instances.


Advantages of Docker:

  • Docker containers vs. VMs
  • Rapid deployment
  • App isolation for safe sandboxing
  • Simplified testing
  • Easy configuration


Flocker, an open-source container data volume-manager allows a Flocker data volume, called a dataset, to be used with any container in the cluster. Unlike Docker volumes which are tied to a single server, Flocker datasets are portable, and can be easily moved between nodes in a cluster.


Advantages of Flocker:

  • Move databases to bare metal, or a different virtual machine
  • Minimal downtime while upgrading server hardware
  • Speed up time-to-recovery by attaching a new database container to an existing data volume
  • Run containers on bare metal but with the manageability of VMs
  • Migrate databases from spinning disk to SSD


With more than 17 years of strong Storage, Virtualization and Networking domain expertise Calsoft has good understanding of the containerized ecosystem specially Docker.


Click here to view our demo A framework for Highly Available services using Docker based containers.