Enterprise Data Security Services

Data is an integral part of any organization. A constantly evolving security threats have urged companies to pay special attention in preventing the data loss, and its flow in and out of their organization.


Calsoft Data Security Services help organizations in managing and protecting their data for the entire data lifecycle. Our data security solutions help organization in creating a roadmap to achieve maximum protection against data breaches. We help organization in protecting and managing their data at various stages like; data creation, data at rest, data in motion, data in use and data destruction


Calsoft Data Security Services includes:


Data Protection and Privacy

Our Data Protection and Privacy services includes classification of your data, policy enforcement, guaranteeing integrity and providing access control and audit for your sensitive data and users. Through our managed services, we monitor your data in real-time and encrypt it to keep it safe even in the wrong hands.


End-Point Security

Calsoft End-Point Security services help organizations in minimizing risk through the secure design, implementation, transformation and management of compliant, policy-aligned automated services. We help companies in protecting their people, processes, technology and data with encryption, secure key management, and server, desktop, laptop and printer security. Calsoft helps its customers in gaining visibility and control of the entire network.


Network Security

Even the tiniest flaw in company’s security policy can affect their network. Calsoft’s Network Security Services help enterprises in protecting their network and the systems connected to it from attack. With the help of our network security expertise companies can keep unauthorized users, devices and content off the network, detect malicious traffic and alert security managers to suspect activity. Calsoft’s security consultants help companies in identifying, authenticating and authorizing users for controlled access.


Cloud Security

Calsoft’s Cloud Security services help enterprises in addressing compliance concerns that delay or minimize the migration of sensitive assets into private, public and hybrid clouds.


Cyber Security

Calsoft specialist security consultants help our customers in evaluating ‘detect and respond’ capabilities for their technologies, people and processes. We assess your security policies and infrastructure by running cyberattack simulations, and a wide range of penetration tests to expose and eradicate vulnerabilities and provide a secure foundation for growth.


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