OpenStack Expertise

Storage and networking vendors hire Calsoft to build and integrate OpenStack based solutions and be a part of the growing cloud infrastructure adoption.

Calsoft presented paper on ‘Object Striping in Swift’ at OpenStack Summit, Hong Kong, 2013.


Calsoft’s OpenStack Integration Expertise:


Integration Area Calsoft’s Expertise
Storage Arrays / NAS
Private cloud security
  • Authentication and authorization-Keystone Integration
  • Network monitoring with IDS and IPS in an OpenStack environment
  • Firewall-aaS, VPN-aaS, LB-aaS
Multi-cloud management
  • Horizon plugins
  • Extension of existing horizon functionality
Cloud Orchestrators
  • Heat (OpenStack orchestrator) integration and extension.
  • Integration with orchestrators like SCO
Public/Private clouds
  • Building/Testing/Supporting vendor’s own flavoured versions of OpenStack Cloud
  • Cloud in a box solutions
Data Protection solutions
  • Backup from block devices to Swift
Software-defined storage using swift
  • Integrate over NAS/SAN and also build enhanced solutions to address various limitations
Cloud Networking

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