Cloud Storage

Unprecedented growth in unstructured data and technological advancements such as virtual infrastructure, IT service automation, converged infrastructure, and scale-out architecture have been fueling the move towards a cloud-based model for enterprises.  The increased use of both private and public cloud services have the potential to deliver multiple benefits to enterprises through cost reduction and greater operational efficiency.


However, in the rapidly evolving enterprise IT infrastructure which contains a blend of physical legacy systems, next-gen virtual resources, and cloud platforms, a primary issue for IT stakeholders is whether they can leverage cloud technology without risking data protection, accessibility, and security. Cloud providers can differentiate themselves by providing reliable solutions that guarantee data protection while ensuring data is always available to users. To sustain growth, cloud providers need to build storage that is extremely scalable while keeping costs low.


Calsoft helps cloud storage providers expand their implementations by integrating support for advanced storage services and third party applications. Our wide range of services for cloud storage providers includes


  • Development of solutions that complement cloud storage services
    • Software-defined storage controller
    • Storage-as-a-Service
    • File-Servers-as-a-Service
    • Backup-as-a-Service
    • Business-Continuity-as-a-Service
    • Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service
    • Compliance: PCI, HIPPA, SAS70
    • Archival-as-a-Service
  • Development of custom cloud storage APIs and SNIA CDMI support for third-party application integration
  • Implementation of storage controllers that expand support for leading storage solutions in your cloud storage
  • Migration of on-premise data or data on the public cloud to your cloud storage solution
  • Ready-to-use UCCI (Unified Cloud Caching Interface) which reduces the latency of cloud storage solutions
  • Scalability and performance testing for cloud storage platforms


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