Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS)

Enterprises are generating massive amount of data every second. It’s a daunting task for them to manage this data and spend exorbitant amount of money in storage management, to keep up with it.

Calsoft assist its customers in addressing these challenges by synchronizing their on-premises storage devices or appliances to Amazon, Microsoft, Google or any other cloud storage providers.  Our Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS) services help enterprises in providing on-demand storage synchronization, backup/restore and disaster recovery functions.


Calsoft helped its customers in:

Managing data growth and lower storage costs significantly

Calsoft worked on customer’s existing storage infrastructure and suggested the best way to leverage CIS. We helped them in determining the best means to offload inactive data from on-premises storage and build a mechanism for storing backup and archived data automatically without user intervention or actions. We also determined means to reduce both local and cloud storage costs.

Simplifying storage and management

Calsoft created strategies or a roadmap to where the primary, backup, snapshot, archive and offsite storage should converge into a hybrid cloud storage solution. We created solutions for them to provide centralized management of storage either from the cloud or locally. We also helped them in designing and setting up an automated backup and DR mechanism, either locally or to the cloud.

Improving disaster recovery and compliance

Calsoft helped its customer in setting up data retention process as determined by business policies instead of backup system capacity or tape rotations. We did DR testing without disruptions to production systems. Calsoft set up test and dev environment in the cloud leveraging the latest on-prem or cloud backup.