Cloud DR and Backup Services

Maintaining a dedicated datacenter just for Disaster Recovery(DR) is expensive. The cloud is well suited for this purpose today. It is possible to leverage the cloud as just an “orchestrator/manager” layer between two physical datacenters or the cloud can be used as both the “manager” and destination for DR replacing the secondary DR data center.


On the other hand many customers desire to replace tape and associated technologies due to availability of higher fidelity and better techniques to backup and restore data – however tape is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Tape strategies have been “hardwired” in to many archive blueprints for the majority of “larger” customers. For such customers, a good first step to leverage the cloud may be to keep the archival policies as is, but introduce the cloud as the tape media replacement. In other words, the cloud looks and feels like tape, the applications believe it is tape, but in actuality the data goes to the cloud. This is achieved with a tape to cloud and vice versa translation layer that Calsoft specializes in. The mechanics involve installing the software either on-prem or in the cloud that “convert” the cloud to tape media (and vice-versa) understood by on-prem or cloud applications


At Calsoft, we help our customers in

  • Setting up their storage DR to the cloud, cloud as a manager or witness between 2 physical datacenters.
  • Setting up the cloud as the DR Manager and destination or a combination of both – depending on customer objectives, costs and SLAs.
  • Cloud Integrated Storage technologies, On-prem storage technologies as well as on-prem replication and DR assets are synergistically leveraged.
  • Gradually introduced to the cloud without requiring paradigm shift. Tape as media is replaced by cost effective cloud storage, but the workflow and mechanisms of tape paradigm are 100% maintained
  • Enabling to replace costly physical storage of tapes via cost effective cloud storage.
  • Improving data recoverability as cloud storage is not subject to degradation associated with physical tape media.
  • Creating and implementing no-impact recovery plans and provides scripts and testing methodologies
  • Orchestration or sequential recovery in the cloud
  • Remote health monitoring and tools


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