Leveraging Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) specification

The CDMI standard and CDMI Reference Implementation (CDMI RI), the first industry-developed open standard specifically for data storage as a service as part of cloud computing, will improve cloud interoperability, performance, portability, security, etc. The standard is applicable to public, private and hybrid deployment models for storage clouds.

Where does Calsoft fit?

CDMI implementation supports large data environments with millions of data sets across lot of sites and accommodates retention policies which are consistent. Calsoft, with its experience of implementing multiple storage protocols (e.g. NFS, CIFS), can assist in leveraging CDMI definitions to provide a common interface to interact with multiple clouds. This will support future transitions of cloud storage.

Calsoft’s Cloud File System

Cloud File System leverages CDMI to provide following benefits –

  • A common interface to interact with multiple clouds
  • Adoption of Cloud Storage
  • A move to build an open standards for storing data in the Cloud
  • No impact on existing users/apps using NAS
  • Abstract policy engine to monitor and map the SLAs


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