IP Protection

Calsoft understand the criticality of customer’s IP and its confidentiality, hence follow a stringent IP Protection processes. At Calsoft, multiple customer projects run concurrently without any IP breach being reported for the past 17 years of it being in business. We take immense pride in the way we address customers IP confidentiality concerns. This is a very important aspect of any outsource product development outsourcing decision. Do not hesitate to ask us more questions on how we address your interests and concerns.


Some of the key IP protection and confidentiality practices we follow:


  • Legally we address this with an NDA with our customers
  • Individuals who are on the engagement are also required to sign non disclosures
  • Every project has its own VLAN and separate broadcast domains and IP sub-nets are provided
  • Controlled access to specific network resources based on need basis
  • Ample IP training sessions are conducted during induction process.
  • Customer’s hardware setup is kept in a separate and secure server room with restricted access control (Biometric Access)
  • Video Camera’s to monitor all entry and exit points
  • Calsoft can also address confidentiality through setting up physically separated office with all needed custom security measures (Calsoft operates 2 physically separate facilities which are few miles apart)


Contact Calsoft today to know more about our Strong IP protection processes.