Engagement Models

At Calsoft we believe in creating long term partnerships with our customers, because we understand that building innovative solutions require an in-depth study, out of the box thinking and a holistic approach. Calsoft offers flexible engagement models based on the specific business requirements of our customer. We also work with our customers in tandem to help them identify and customize a tailor made engagement model which best suit their specific requirement. The flexibility we offer provides our customers better control, complete visibility, better risk mitigation among other benefits.


Some of the engagement models are:


    Refers to Offshore Development Center” (ODC). Long term engagements are best suited for such models since both parties make significant investments keeping in mind the long term value each of the partners bring to the table. ODC teams work like an extended engineering teams of the customer with clear responsibilities at both ends. ODC model significantly addresses the knowledge retention within the teams that can be used for further ramp up. The model also allows for quick ramp UP/Down. Many of customers prefer an ODC model for Sustenance and QA engagements.

Advantages for ODC Engagement model:

  • A dedicated team that works on customer defined priorities
  • Quick ramp up and down of team members
  • Knowledge retention and Knowledge management is made easier
  • A dedicated infrastructure allows for running and managing multiple different projects at the same time
  • Cost benefit is significant since the term and volume of business is clearly identified

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    Build, Operate & Transfer engagement model is best suited when the customer wishes to own a significant R&D center offshore and run it as their own captive center. Calsoft has helped couple companies achieve this goal and has good expertise around this business model. For this engagement to be successful, the team size has to be large enough to sustain on its own and has to add the benefit of cost arbitrage. Calsoft will take the entire onus of helping to build, train, deploy the right resources and operate it for the pre-defined period and transfer the entire team and technology back to the customer at the end of the contract term after paying the transfer fee.

Advantages of BOT model:

  • Ready teams that are trained in your processes and technologies
  • Business processes and polices are similar to that of the customer
  • Risk of setting up your own facility and ramp up time shortened
  • Resources are hired with the context that they would be transferred to the customer hence better talent attraction
  • Provides better planning for team ramp up



    Calsoft resources are deployed onsite at client locations for close interactions on projects that require tight and quick integration and also when limitations such as lab infrastructure availability constraints occur. Onsite engagements can be of both long term and short term depending on the criticality of the project and project needs. Calsoft has the ability to service these requests effectively through its rich resource pool availability and as well strong onsite recruitment arm

Advantages of Onsite model include:

  • Shorter joining period
  • Calsoft engineers would be working alongside customer’s engineers leading to quick clarification cycles
  • Direct communication that leads to faster turn-around for logistical support
  • Access to customers Lab infrastructure helps execute projects more effectively. No delay in shipping and handling and setup.
  • Onsite personal can also manage an offshore team if required

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