ServiceNow provides a transformative way to deliver and manage services on a single cloud platform, making it the foundation of the modern organization. ServiceNow provides cloud services for Human Resources, Customer Service Management, and Security Operations, and offers a group of common platform services that help create workflow-based business software.

Calsoft’s ServiceNow Expertise

Calsoft provides the following offerings to ensure that your product is market ready:

Plugin Development Certification

The ServiceNow platform allows you to develop custom plugins to meet your business needs. Calsoft’ deep understanding of the ServiceNow ecosystem equips enterprises with certified plugin solutions. We help ISVs, systems integrators and other app developers in getting their solutions certified on ServiceNow norms/standards. ServiceNow plugin certification assures customers that third party products are compatible with ServiceNow products.


  • Calsoft’s ServiceNow certification ensures that third party products have passed a rigorous set of interoperability, security, and performance test criteria and are compatible with ServiceNow products
  • ServiceNow certification enables enterprises to transform into a business of well-rounded services that continues to grow in all business situations
  • ServiceNow helps in making the business robust, more integrated and set for growth. It helps in building customer trust and leveraging top notch services in the cloud

Plugin Development

Plugins extend the existing functionality of the ServiceNow platform and allow you to develop custom applications to meet your business needs. ServiceNow provides plugins that integrate ServiceNow with other programs. These plugins frequently use web services within the plugin, or vendor specific probes.  ServiceNow plugin provides various functionalities like volume management, snapshot management, VM provisioning, VM actions and more. Plugins provide extended functionality by adding approval management workflows, incident management and notification.


  • Ensure product interoperability for smooth operations and an excellent customer experience
  • Seamless synchronization of information across on-premise and cloud-based apps and data sources

Incident Management

Incident management streamlines the process of restoring a service following an unplanned disruption. The ServiceNow platform supports the incident management process with functionalities covering the entire incident lifecycle. To ensure constant service improvement, each step of the incident lifecycle is traced and survey response is gathered. Incident management provides total visibility with built-in metrics, reports, and dashboards that can be personalized to suit individual needs. Incident management ensures that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained increasing the ultimate productivity of the task.


  • Reduces business interruptions and improves application performance
  • Flawless service management processes help organizations efficiently provide customers with the highest quality of products and services with an ability to create applications that can grow the business and increase its adaptability to a constantly changing global business climate
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