Cinder Plugin Development Services

Cinder is a Block Storage service for OpenStack. This helps in creating and centrally managing the storage provisioning in form of block devices known as Cinder volumes which gets consumed by the OpenStack Compute Project (Nova).


Calsoft is an early adopter of OpenStack technology and has helped its customers in developing ‘Cinder plugins’ to integrate their storage arrays in an OpenStack environment.


Calsoft’s Expertise

Calsoft’s Cinder plugin development expertise includes:

  • Integrating Storage drivers with OpenStack
  • Plugin testing using OpenStack standard (tempest)
  • OpenStack APIs implementation – Design use cases for:
    1. Volume operations (create, delete, clone, attach/detach to VM, stats)
    2. Snapshot operations (create, delete & create volume from)
    3. Image operations (clone, copy to & from volume)
    4. Backup & volume restoration operations and export creation and removal operations


Cinder Plug-in Implementation

Cinder Plugin

Calsoft’s Cinder Plug-in Implementation Expertise

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