Container Ecosystem Services

According to a research report published in conjunction with DockerCon 2016; Docker’s market share has increased 30 percent in the past 12 months.


Calsoft has deep expertise in containerization of Storage and Networking products. With our in-depth understanding of various containerization technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos and Coreos, we have helped ISVs to design and develop solutions in and around these technologies.


Calsoft Container Ecosystem Expertise NewContainer Ecosystem Services

Our Container Ecosystem Expertise Includes:

Plugin Development
  • Docker Network (CNM-based or non-CNM-based)/Volume (Flocker, Contiv)/Authorization plugins.
  • Kubernetes Network (CNI) plugins.
  • Kubernetes scheduler extensions.
  • Flocker integration for storage arrays.
  • Deployment of container based applications
  • Containerization of applications


  • Management & orchestration for Docker (Coopto for VMware)
  • Distributed/HA deployments of applications on Kubernetes across multiple zones using wrappers above Kubernetes.
  • Containerization of services (Storage Container)
  • Service chaining using containerization of services


  • Packet based monitoring of container networks
  • Single pane resource/service monitoring


Click here to view our demo on A framework for Highly Available services using Docker based containers.


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