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Why Calsoft

Industry Leader:

Calsoft is recognized as the leader in storage, networking, virtualization and cloud domain. Our thought leadership enables us to be at the forefront of the technology business. With innovation in our DNA, we operate at the optimum mix of a start-up thought process with the dexterity of a large enterprise. Our customers rely on our domain expertise and the passion to deliver unique value to their businesses.

Visionary Management:

Calsoft’s management have come together from the leading evangelists in their field. This creates a positive learning experience for everyone that joins our team. Respected in the industry for their successful track records, our leaders are committed to integrity and creating a world-class organization with a well-rounded team culture.

Career Development Path:

Calsoft truly believes that the mantra to success and personal fulfilment is continuous learning. We motivate our employees to learn new cutting edge technologies which will help them in their day to day work and enhance their knowledge. Our collaborative, people-focused, mentoring and personal development programs have helped our employees in achieving their goals and a successful career.

Healthy work-life balance:

We believe that a healthy work life balance is very important for the well-being of an individual. Calsoft has flexible working hours and employee friendly leave policies. We also offer benefit packages to support our employees and their families including medical and life insurance. We also encourage and facilitate employees to follow and pursue their hobbies.

Global Culture:

Calsoft has presence at multiple locations across the US and India. Our headquarter is in Santa Clara, California with 2 global development centres in Pune, India. Working with global customers, help our employees to get a better exposure and pulse of the core software product development industry.