TestXcel – Test Automation Framework as a Service

Calsoft’s TestXcel is a Framework as a service that enables test automation, targeted for an audience with little or no scripting experience. The tool offers a framework to write, configure, manage and execute tests on a local or remote system. This test Framework is engineered to work on any OS platform.




Value Proposition

TestXcel Value proposition


Key Features

Category Feature
Core  Easy-to-use input semantics authored as CSV or YAML files – requiring no scripting experience
De-coupling of test workflow and test bed configuration templates
Multi-threaded parallel execution of test cases for faster results
Reporting  Consolidated HTML reports with a hierarchy of test plans, test cases and individual steps
Interactive HTML execution logs with hyperlinks to output generated by the test application
Optional XML reports that can be parsed and easily customized as per your specific requirements
Remote Execution  Agent-based remote execution using XML-RPC over an IP network for seamless remote execution across any OS platform
Distributed parallel execution to leverage the compute power of the entire test bed for execution
Support for vendor-specific restricted and proprietary shells over SSH for appliance testing
REST APIs Execution of REST APIs to test endpoints with rich headers and content-type support
Execution of local and remote CLIs and REST APIs can be intertwined in the same test case for end-to-end functional testing
Extensibility Execution of your own Python scripts in test cases with log-capturing that allows integration with existing automation scripts
Integration with Continuous Integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins for centralized management of test reports and logs

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